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Margaret Tafoya Pot
Spirit Bear

Margaret Tafoya Pot

Native American made 8" pot

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Artist: Margaret Tafoya
Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 8"
Design: Sea Serpent/Water
Tribe: Santa Clara
Date: c.1992

Maria Margarita "Margaret" Tafoya (Tewa name: Corn Blossom; August 13, 1904 – February 25, 2001) was the matriarch of Santa Clara Pueblo potters. Margaret learned the art of making pottery from her parents Sara Fina Guiterrez Tafoya (1863–1949) and Jose Geronimo Tafoya (1863–1955). Sara Fina was considered the leading potter of Santa Clara in her day, as the master of making exceptionally large, finely polished blackware. She also occasionally made redware, micaceous clay storage jars and other smaller utilitarian forms. Margaret’s father was primarily concerned with raising food for the family but he was also known to make pottery and helped Sara Fina with many aspects of her pottery production.

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